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@OfficialOAFC 12:30pm coach departure? Has the match been moved to Wrexham? #oafc
Tweeted 48 seconds ago by ricmetty
Anyone selling tickets for salford? #oafc
Tweeted 2 minutes ago by DickoOAFC
anyone selling tickets for salford😂 #oafc
Tweeted 3 minutes ago by kylecrossleyyy
I’m actually done, I never thought I’d say it I’m done I’m not going I’m done this ain’t my club no more it’s so fucking badly run it’s a joke wow, I’ve actually lose my love for it, when they’re gone and the old ticket guy comes back I’ll te consider, this ain’t my club #Oafc
Tweeted 3 minutes ago by oafc1983
#oafc need 4 tickets if anyone’s got any spare
Tweeted 4 minutes ago by garlick_callum
@davebutter I think that’s where I’m at. It just seems we’re far too happy to accept our complete mediocrity. Barry Owen’s masterplan is to embrace it all: never dream big or have your hopes raised. Fuck all that, that’s what football is for 95% of clubs. Hoping we’ll rise again. #oafc
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by wheatabeat
Surprised the ticket office was actually open #oafc
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by Jay_whitehead87
Excited to see a packed BP tomorrow for a striker who has scored 6 goals in 28 games in the 5th Division. #oafc
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by DMaarms
20 minutes spent trying to buy a ticket for Salford away and 20 minutes the website said no tickets available #oafc
Tweeted 6 minutes ago by AzzaP2018
Right who’s gonna sell me two bastard tickets for Salford then seeing as there’s been none online all day and the ticket office don’t know how to answer telephones? #oafc
Tweeted 6 minutes ago by Ajd367

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Jan 11Macclesfield Town-1 - -1A
Jan 4Cheltenham Town-1 - -1A
Jan 1Scunthorpe United-1 - -1H
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Jan 25Salford CityA
Jan 28Mansfield TownH
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