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We may be bottom end league 2 and Bournemouth top of the championship but our celebrity fan is Paul Scholes and theirs is Stu Francis. That in itself must be worth a goal start. #oafc
Tweeted 32 minutes ago by PrestonLatic
Prem teams need to be clever to avoid shite VAR and score all their goals from forty yards out like #oafc
Tweeted 42 minutes ago by CJ_1975_
How can you get this stuff so wrong, so often? Just go back to the old badge, ffs! #OAFC https://t.co/FTcYiEIXp7
Tweeted 53 minutes ago by Y8sy
@OfficialOAFC 1 not keen. 2 I like the owl but the font looks tagged on and doesn't fit. 3 I prefer the concept. More dynamic & colourful. Font choice is awful though. Needs a serif font and tighter kerning. It's so wide the square behind has to be huge to compensate #oafc
Tweeted an hour ago by ChrisWSkol
Bournemouth fans seem to think they’re a massive club all of a sudden with some of their comments. I remember beating them in league one, probably the correct level for them! #oafc
Tweeted an hour ago by Ben_Isherwood_
@WorldSoccerMag Ian Marshall and Andy Rtichie #oafc https://t.co/6BCELzX3xP
Tweeted 2 hours ago by Tommy_Oldham1
Here's an idea @OfficialOAFC - - vote on the new #oafc concept badges - vote on three of the traditional badges - The winner of each goes head to head to be the new badge. Some fans want a return to a traditional crest, some might want a new design. How about that? https://t.co/LJy8oJJV5D
Tweeted 2 hours ago by dublinoafc
Happy with the draw? #oafc https://t.co/iu5dk9kxCp
Tweeted 2 hours ago by TheOldhamTimes
Shit draw but I'm made up to see Oldham and Bournemouth fans already slagging each other on this hell app. Let's try and keep the hostilities as virulent as possible please. Make the tie at least partially interesting. #oafc #afcb
Tweeted 2 hours ago by McB00merang
🤩 More supporters shared the latest prize pot from the last game. 📲 Get your @OldhamPicks in now for tomorrow to win! 🔞 UK residents only. T&Cs apply. Please play responsibly. #oafc
Tweeted 2 hours ago by OfficialOAFC

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